THE PINNA is a pioneering art community, committed to redefining the dialogue between art and society. Rooted in the philosophies of Jacques Rancière, particularly his notion of democracy that embraces disagreement, THE PINNA serves as a platform for artists from regions marked by conflict, colonial legacies, and social injustice.

Our mission is to elevate voices from the global south and beyond, providing artists with a space to express their narratives and engage with global audiences on pressing socio-political issues. Through initiatives like “Who Owns the Land” and “Apolidia,” THE PINNA explores the deep connections between artists and their homelands, employing art as a lens to scrutinize and challenge the Western gaze.

THE PINNA collaborates with institutions to enhance visibility and impact, fostering educational projects that integrate art therapy and psychological insights. This approach not only supports artists but also extends to broader audiences, promoting understanding and engagement through art that transcends traditional market dynamics.

Emphasizing a theoretical foundation influenced by postcolonial thought and anthropological studies, THE PINNA is not merely an exhibition space but a movement poised to challenge the art market’s capitalist constraints. As we expand, our focus remains on championing innovative practices and fostering a community where art catalyzes social change.