I am human (2022, oil on canvas, 100×100 cm, Ethiopia)

About the artist
(1997, Ethiopia, lives in Ethiopia)
Ananiya is an African Ethiopian based artist, which he graduates from Addis Ababa university school of fine art and design. Behind the canvas He mostly focuses on social chios of society, he mostly represent his ideas with leader also he uses experiential print making techniques and wood cut prints.he is an admire of Artist Francis bacon and his teacher Zerihun yetmgeta from Ethiopia.




Artist statement
My inspiration to this artwork was a conflict in my country. There are many people dying because of their identity and tribe that they don’t choose, of course there are many political games behind it. In my artwork I want to show that every people who lives in this world are human before any of other identity that environment and the society gave , so I represent this Idea with a half skeleton of human body , when anyone sees that they know it’s a human rather than they give any other identities and I used a yellow flowers called Adey Abeba only found in Ethiopia that grows every year for Ethiopians new year, on the place of the skull to represent the hope and peace of afterlife of the died people in my country because of their identity.

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