Black Jesus (2018, mixed media, Zimbabwe)

About the artist
(1969, Zimbabwe, lives in South Africa)
Ben Tuge is an emerging sculptor of exceptional talent. He is a versatile sculptor and a master carver of Thought provoking wood carving, a satirical landscape and a potrait painter, a spiritual scribe and a visionary thinker.








Artist statement
Johannesburg is a business hub for millions of people from all walks of life from different countries and cities , rural areas in search for greener pastures. Christianity is one religion that has gained dominance over the years in the city. With the mushrooming of pentecostal churches in every street corner , many desperate faith seeking followers of Christ join these churches mostly founded and build by self proclaimed pastors and prophets. Thousands are duped of thier hard earned moneis in the name of tithe, offerings, special seed and many other things to support the growth of the church. Fake pastors take advantage of this lucrative thriving business opportunity.

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