28.7.1951 (2022, video installation, produced by Maria Kruk Belarus)

About the artist
(1995, Belarus, lives in Poland)
Dasha Brian (director and curator of the art project “Revolution”) is an audiovisual artist working on the borderline of the arts. In her work she strives to go beyond the limitations of specific forms, rejecting the semantic limitations associated with the word “artist” or “director”. Working primarily in video format, Dasha creates video collages, video sketches and short films. Her works often talk about socially significant topics. As part of the political art project Revolution, Dasha creates short films on human rights, the revolution in Belarus, as well as the war in Ukraine, and works with art in crisis situations. In addition, for the premiere of each new film, Dasha curates exhibitions that touch upon the subject matter of the movie.


Artist statement
The film draws public attention to the humanitarian crisis against refugees and shows that support is needed regardless of citizenship, sexual orientation, or nationality. The relevance of the project lies in the fact that nowadays people outside Ukraine often face discrimination and neglect, despite the fact that they are in the same difficult circumstances because of the war, and people because of their sexual orientation fall into an additional zone of risk due to homophobia and transphobia.

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