On the St. Andrews cross (2022, photography,40×60 cm, Ukraine)

About the artist
(1994, Ukraine, lives in Slovakia)
Iryna Holtseva, also known as Eva Holts is a photographer and writer who completed her studiesat Myph School in 2020. Eva Holts has previously exhibited at the 2020 Myph graduates online exhibition (Myph school and gallery); at the international collective exhibition The Dreamers (LoosenArt) 2020 (Rome, Italy); at the 2021 Reflections online fall exhibition at D31 Art Gallery 2021; at the Change 2021 Contemporary Art Festival (Mykolaiv, Ukraine); at Vogue Week III Edition (Boomer Gallery) 2021 (London, England); at the Vanguard Locals Festival of Urban Cultures and ArtContemporanea 2021 (Lviv, Ukraine), at the Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022 XL (Rotterdam, Netherlands).




Artist statement
These collages are based on photos of my apartment, which was destroyed in March 2022 by a Russian missile (Kiev). Before the missile attack, I had lived in the apartment for four years. So I found myself without all my belongings. This project is dedicated to the ghosts risen from the ashes: here they are living their second life. A life turned upside down, because an object subjected to high temperatures deforms, loses its identity or disappears forever. For my ghostly dolls, even their house that burned down will still remain their refuge, which deserves to be loved and appreciated. Occasionally there is room for a strong desire for revenge against those who caused their death.

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