Haya Mohammad (Jordan, 1991) is a Palestinian painter who works primarly with watercolour and acrylic. The artist has produced a large body of work focusing on the plight of Palestinian women as they struggle to change their status quo.

Her floating women show us the face of a country, more than a single portrait. The eyes are tired, the figures are elongated. Yet, behind their pearled faces and exquisite features, the bright colors and the cheerful appearance, they tell us about a story of pain and fight.

Mohammad’s models give an impression of lightness, albeit in their plastic poses, and stare at the observers with quiet while relentless resistance. In the paintings the women lie upon each other, shaping groups and interacting together while evidently engaged with their daily chores.

Conversely, the political struggle conveyed by the artist contrasts with the delicacy of her technique, like stone behind poetry, silenty denouncing injustices long-term due.

Haya Mohammad already took part to several shows in Palestine and abroad, exhibiting also at the A.M. Qattan Foundation and the Museum of the Palestinian People (USA).

More artworks by the artist: