Mohammed Salim Khan (Bangladesh, 1998) is a photographer and fixer living in the world’s largest refugee camp of Kutupalong in Bangladesh where he reports the condition of the Rohingya people that fled from ethnic and religious persecution in Myanmar.

Far from the Western hit-and-run reportage technique, the artist documents his everyday life with outstanding humanity and opens the door to a new world. Paternalism-free, Khan unveils the life of the camp and the ordinary struggles and hope of his people, alternating everything with balance and naturalness and giving us a conscious and elegant insight into a completely different existence.

The artist says “Hopefully, my children will grow up in a different environment. One day they will look at these photographs and remember what we went through. I hope people will see my photographs and understand our struggles and the refugee life”.

Mohammed Salim Khan’s photographs have been published in Dhaka Tribune, Aljazeera, Southeast Asia Globe, Borderless360, AFP, and The Business Standard, among others.

Recently, he took part in the “The Next Generation – Young Rohingya Refugee” exhibition held by the Oxford human rights festival (2021), and his work has been exhibited online by Rohingya Action Northeast England (2022).






More artworks by the artist: