Crows (2020, printmaking – linocut, 30×45 cm, Syria)

About the artist
(1998, Syria, lives in Syria)
I graduated from Damascus University’s Faculty of Fine Arts – department of Printmaking. I finished the first year of my Master’s Degree in Printmaking and intend to finish my Master’s abroad, and I have been privileged with the chance to participate in several major artistic events in Syria and abroad. I spent my years in Syria witnessing human emotions, sometimes feeling every possible emotion every single day. Some things are not easily spoken, and some may feel heavy to put into words, which why I strive to manifest emotions on paper as my way to tell a story.


Artist statement
Where time passes slowly but quickly, food is plentiful but expired, where beautiful things exist but are breakable. I am a different color and I don’t belong to a place where I feel everything, but feelings no longer matter.

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