We are the land (2022, collage, 27×30 cm, Palestine)

About the artist
(2000, Palestine, lives in Palestine)
Samaa Emad is a visual artist holding a diploma in Graphic Design. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and workshops, demonstrating a keen interest in exploring themes related to the homeland and its interaction with human beings. Samaa employs collage techniques in both her paper and digital artworks, utilizing materials from her surroundings to create pieces that resonate deeply with viewers.





Artist Statement
“It is like a documentation of the way of life before the Nakba and before the Israeli occupation of Palestine, a denial of what came with the Balfour “giving a land without a people to a people without a land”. Most of the villages and cities in the artwork have been destroyed, but this does not mean that Palestine has disappeared, as long as it exists in our memory, then it exists and our existence is strong evidence of Palestine’s survival.”
– Samaa Emad –


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