Expectations (2022, oil on canvas, 120×100 cm, Syria)

About the artist
(1998, Syria, lives in Syria)
I chose this painting because it focuses on the state of individuals that they have reached during those past years, the constant distraction and anxiety about life and the constant question of whether something bad will happen after that or not. A state of waiting and anticipation, as if those people in my painting were waiting for something. Are they waiting for the hope of safety to be fulfilled at any second, or are they waiting for the horrible events that they witnessed and lived to be repeated, and they are still anxiously watching for fear of their recurrence? I chose my painting because it reflects the state – fear, waiting, distraction, anticipation and anxiety – that was the product of the painful, insecure years. I am participating in this exhibition because I see in it an opportunity to share our thoughts and our emotional and psychological states with the world, we who lived through bad and unfair conditions.

I see in my participation in this exhibition an opportunity to present my case – my painting – in a neutral framework away from politics and focusing on psychological states, in which I may find many people participating with me and for those who were not given an opportunity


Artist statement
I am from Syria. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus in 2022 ، Department of Oil Painting . I participated in some local exhibitions

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