Takht Project (2021/2022, chosen illustrations from the book The Bed, 120×100 cm, Syria)

About the artist
(1991, Syria, lives in Syria)
he idea of the work talks about the bed in general. Filmed through personal experience of travel cases and the transition that took more than three years away the idea of settling in the family home or homeland. The project conveys pictures and drawings that express certain states of feeling alienated, lonely, and desired. From considering the takht as a transitional stage to another world far from reality, it conveys the situation with its difficulty or beauty. The project was presented in the mother tongue Arabic and Italian as the language of the host country.





Artist statement
Suleiman Suleiman, 31 years old, graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University, Department of Graphic Printing. Specialist in drawing, inks and traditional printing, His techniques are based on drawing, but rather for inks and the relationship of black and white with grays, through certain engravings to add colours and layers of drawings. Through his drawings, he expresses the hidden and subconscious feelings of a person during his journey and his previous life. The drawings contain creatures similar to that of a human being, but they are creatures without specific sexual identity to give the acute human content of feelings in general, not biased to any particular gender. Most of the paintings express feelings in a dark, elegant and dramatic way, to convey emotions in one way or another He participated in group exhibitions in Damascus, and a solo exhibition in Beirut Lebanon under the name (transcending).


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