Mariupol (from 2021 – in progress digital illustration from Postcards from Ukraine series, 297×308 cm, Ukraine)

About the artist
(1992, Ukraine, lives in Ukraine)
Tamara Safarova (b. 1992, Kyiv region) – multidisciplinary artist from Ukraine. Works with graphics, painting, digital art, animation. Her works are available in private collections in Europe and the USA. In her practice, Tamara investigates and searches for truth. The artist dives deeply into the depths of human existence and history to dispel the darkness around the truth and the essentiality of social and cultural phenomena. The development of critical thinking and the creation of discourse in society are the goals of her practice. In spring 2022 took place her first personal exhibition at the Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart (Germany). Tamara’s artworks from the series “Postcards from Ukraine” were awarded in the program with the support of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Artist statement
Illustration from my project “Postcards from Ukraine”, which is dedicated to the de-occupied Kyiv region, namely Buch, Irpin and Gostomel. The three objects in the image symbolize these three settlements. I decided to choose this particular illustration because I am originally from the Kyiv region, and this period (russion occupation of the region) was emotionally extremely difficult for me. After the exhibition of this illustration on the facade of one of Kyiv’s shopping malls, I was contacted by a representative of the Irpin Bible Seminary, which is also depicted on it. He expressed gratitude and his feedback and support helped me realize the value of my work.

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