Ahmad Al-Miqdad

140×110 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Country: Syria


“It was part of my graduation project titled: Same chair.. Different people. The project reflects how different people can have different experiences in the same exact situation including places and timing, I chose the attached painting because it’s an artwork that has a very special place in my heart I don’t know why, but generally, it reflects how your hometown/ country under conflict can be a burden that you carry around with you wherever you go, my graduation project is a series of paintings untitled under the project’s name ( Same chair.. different people ) each painting displays each person in a different reaction to the chair, the chair can represent many things including our country of origin and our relationship to it..”

Ahmad Al-Miqdad 
Born on the 13th of January in the year 2000 in Damascus, Syria.
Currently living in Damascus, Syria. Graduated from the Faculty of fine arts, Painting department in Damascus in 2021. Currently studying in the same college. Working as a Background/ concept artist in Spacetoon.